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The wonders of living in Costa Blanca

I am writing this post from a little town in Alicante called Albatera. I have been here for a while and I still feel amazed by the unstressed lifestyle in such a beautiful area in Spain. We still work very hard but I can feel a difference between my life here and my life in many other cities I had the privilege to live in before. Many of them were amazing in so many ways, but I decided staying Costa Blanca for a few reasons.

If you are thinking about the possibility of investing in a property overseas here is a list with the main reasons why I believe choosing Costa Blanca as your home or your second home could be a great decision. Most of my reasons are emotional and full of  love, but what´s the meaning of life without love?

  1. Feel the warmth of the sun into your skin: It might be a cliché, but anytime of the year is nice and sunny down here and it really makes a difference on your mood. Bright light and great temperature means you can even come during Christmas time and the weather will still be amazing.
  2. Culinary diversity to delight any taste: Since there are people from everywhere, all sorts of restaurants are available, specially for the overseas population. The Spanish olive oil, rice and fish based cuisine is available at any place and good value for money.
  3. Sunsets at the beach: The sky becomes pink, orange and blue. The clouds create some shapes for you to imagine anything you might be having on your mind. I personally prefer the beach during winter (18ºc  and sunny) when no one is around and you feel the privilege of having the beach for your own. I usually go  with my dog to an unspoiled beach in Guardamar del Segura surrounded by pines and dunes.
  4. Traveling with a blink of an eye: Plenty of great value flights arrive from most of the cities in Europe on a daily basis to Alicante´s airport. It is easy and convenient. A couple of hours away from paradise, still in Europe, you can pay with euros and you are not too far away from home.
  5. Smiling faces: I love the feeling of smiling to everyone and everyone smiling back at me. People in Costa Blanca are nice and easy going. The “plazas” are always full of people having coffee and chatting. The outdoors lifestyle makes life very exciting, you can meet new people at any time.
  6. Everything is very cheap:  A 3 course meal, with homemade food, fresh vegetables and some nice dessert can cost you as less as 8 euros, including coffee and a drink. A haircut about 10 euros. I pay for a fresh bag of organic fruit and vegetables for a whole week about 8 euros per person.
  7. You can have a dream house for a very little price: The real estate market has gone down and the prices are affordable, specially if you are coming from overseas. You can have a look at the properties we have available here


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