Starting a new business in Costa Blanca South

GISE stands for Gestion Integral de Servicios en Edificación (Comprehensive Management

of Services in Construction).  We are a firm made up of  professionals dedicated to the

different aspects in the Real Estate and Construction sectors, backed up by a technical

group of architects and engineers.

Firstly, from our real estate department we will help find the best possible location for you according to the type

of activity you are going to carry out. We believe each type of business needs a particular location.  We do a study

of the market to see which is the best area for your business.

Besides evaluating  the area, we also study the necessary conditions for your particular activity such as surface,

number of entrances, bathrooms/toilets, smoke extractors, privacy,  price/quality ratio,  conservation, and so on.

Furthermore, you will be able to cooperate with our team in  designing, directing and carrying out your project.

Finally, and only if it is necessary to do any work or reforming, our construction department will give you an estimate

of the work suggested by the technical team and the suggestions of the promoters including the dates when the work

is to be done and the quality of the materials to be used.

In this post we are going to tell you how we worked with a client who left the entire work in our hands, from the first idea

to the time the business opened. We had already cooperated with this client on his first business and now we are working

with him on his second one, always on a daily contact. In this case, the client was a chain of gymnasiums:  Crossfit and

Personal Training gyms called DL FITNESS.

dlfitness dl 3 dl 2



After evaluating several sites in the area chosen (Callosa del Segura), we finally chose a commercial local following  our preferences.

We first looked for a place with the adequate space, we had to rule out the ones with less than 150 m2. Once we had a list of the

available premises which had the required surface, we studied the location, choosing the new part of town next to the sports centre

and the schools. This area is quite  busy  and in a steady and progressive growth.

Finally, we studied the price/quality relationship of the different premises and, keeping in mind that the client would carry out his project

based on his design, we decided on a raw premise since it would be cheaper than one that was  already set up.

local callosa mapa callosa


Before making the final decision on the premise, and  paying the first month´s rent, we measured the place and made several designs to

make sure it complied with all the requirements our client had for his business and for the way he wanted to carry it out. With the help of

our team of technicians and following the current regulations, we came up with a design which lived up to our client´s expectations. With

this done, we concluded the renting part of the premise and we started working on the project itself.

diseño local


While working on the project, we coordinated the supplying of material, the sub-contracted workers (electrician, plumber…) and the best

way each one was ging to carry out his task.  As in all our work projects, we try ro eliminate all the possible setbacks before we begin to

work since we believe that: “To foresee is to save money” and the client is the one who is going to save money. Although all the work process

is previously planned, unexpected changes come up which, in coordination with our technical team and promoter we work out so the job gets

done properly.

obra dl2 bra dl 4 obra dl4 obra dl 1


Once the work has beeen completed, our Technical Department prepares the final plans together with all the documents required by the

Town Hall for the opening of the business and they are given to the client so that he can start his business as soon as he wants to. However,

our services don´t stop here since we do a follow-up in case the client finds anything wrong with the work or if any modification in his project

are demanded by the Town Hall.

liciencia gise

If you are thinking about setting up a business, no matter what idea you may have, and you don´t know where nor how to start, you can count on us.

We will be delighted to help you, without any commitment.

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