New Built Construction Services in Costa Blanca South 1.0

Building a property is a complex process and it is very important finding the right experienced professionals. In GISE we build new properties from the structure until de last finish including the developement of the residential area

A good coordination of the the different professionals involved and choosing the best materials are the key steps to a great finish at the right timing.

From our architecture department we organize every stage of the building and we make sure we have the best professionals in every field. We follow up the whole procedure and work in advance on every stage making the client take part of its own property.

We offer 3D digital views. This way the client can visualize its property before starting the job to make sure everything it´s done the way he wants.

Here are some pictures of some properties we have built . We hope you like them.

We work in Alicante and Murcia areas.

We are a Real Estate, construction, architecture company located in Albatera, Vega Baja, Alicante. If you are interested in any of our services you can get in touch with us here


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